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How To Book an Event Room at the BIC!

Thank you for your interest in having your next event at the Buffalo Irish Center!

You can now EASILY instantly get a free quote, and then book a room if you want, for any event online in a few minutes with a few easy steps…

The Goal: There are many factors that go into the final price. The goal of the online booking system is allow you to quickly book the room for your event, pay for the room rental and return the event agreement via e-mail so your room is locked in. It will also help begin to plan some of the other details of your event. Please follow the steps in order this could help save you time and hopefully this process can be completely quickly and easily. We can discuss the bar, catering, gratuity etc. in detail later. However, we do need to have that all locked in 14 days prior to event unless your event was booked short notice. (If booked short notice we’ll discuss new deadlines).  Here are the steps…

  1. Click Here to Check Our Calendars – first please check to see if the room you want is available.  (Emerald has 250 person Limit & Claddagh has 110 person Limit) –  unfortunately our quote form below will NOT catch if the room is already booked, so please check calendars first.
  2. Click Here for our FAQs – next, please check our FAQs as this will answer questions, explain pricing and other important booking information in detail.
  3. Fill out the online form.  (See below)  – when you are ready to get your instant price quote, please fill out the information in the form below.
  4. Click “Get Instant Quote” – you will then see your instant, no obligation quote!
  5. Click “Book Online “ – if you would like to book the room and see the agreement.   (You still are not obligated or locked in until your Agreement & Room Payment are received – rooms are book on a first-come-first-serve basis. We do not guarantee room availability until you are locked in).
  6. Click ‘Make a Payment”  –  The room rental quote must be Paid-in-Full – that will lock the room in instantly once we have Agreement.
  7. Agreement & Payment – You will receive an e-mail with the agreement and details. Once we receive that e-mail back with “Event Details Agreed Upon” & the payment for the room – your room is locked in!
  8. Room Cost – is for room rental only (and bartender and other misc room costs).  It does NOT include cost of the bar, catering, and gratuity. This will be paid just prior to and / or the night of your event. The quote for the room rental is based on any amount of time up to 5 hours. After 5 hours the only additional cost is $9.50 per bartender per hour. At this time, there is no additional charge for room rental over 5 hours other than additional hourly rate of each bartender.
  9. Online Planning – Once you are locked in for your event, we now offer Online Planning which you can access 24-7!  You will receive a password for the your personal online planning area – you can update the plans for your event. This will also assist the BIC in making sure we have everything you need for your event and will be due 14 days prior to your event (unless your event was booked short-notice).
  10. Questions & Help! First – please click here for our FAQs.  We are also always here to answer your questions!
  11. Questions Booking Event Room  – Please contact our Booking Manager – Kevin McCarthy –  – (716) 472-7700 – cell.
  12. Questions BIC Catering & Bar/Beverage For Events – Please contact our Catering Manager – Jill Sullivan –  – (716) 982-3511 – cell.
  13. QuestionsTom Gang Catering – (716) 826-1292  –  (716) 341-7681.
  14. After Your Event Booked – You will work with Jill Sullivan for BIC Catering / Beverage and Tom Gang for Tom Gang catering and you will have access to your 24-7 online planning area.

Please scroll down below the quote box for more information on the online booking system.

 Enter Your Event Date & Information Below

 Once you have completed your quote…

1. Return Your Quote e-mail – After you fill in the form and get your quote, you will receive an auto-agreement e-mail with your quote. You will need to read and return that e-mail as instructed in the e-mail. You can choose to click “Book Online” to book the event right when you get quote.  If you need to wait to decide that is fine, too.  If/when you wait and decide to later lock in your date, you can let our Booking Manager, Kevin McCarthy know by e-mail and he will e-mail the agreement to you…  This way you have to re-input all your information.  (You can if you want as you can use the quote checker as often as you like).

2.  Phone / e-mailNot computer savvy?? No problem! – You can call also call our booking manager, Kevin direct at (716) 472-7700 to discuss your event and he can discuss dates, price  quotes, and even book your event over the phone, then confirm through e-mail.  You can also e-mail questions anytime as well!

Thank you for using the online booking system!  

Did you know?

1. The BIC Event Rooms are available for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and late-night.

2. The BIC is handicap accessible and WiFi is available at no charge!

3. The BIC Event Rooms for Rent are often available even when the Pub is not open!

4. Types of Events We Host – Wedding, Meetings, Showers , Birthday Parties, Banquets,  Luncheons, Anniversary Parties,  Memorial Receptions, Funeral Breakfast/Brunch, Stags, Jack & Jill, Dances, Benefits, Fundraisers, Golf Tournament Banquets, Concerts, and/or any event!

5. You don’t have to be a BIC member to rent the rooms, host an event, enjoy the pub, etc!

6. The BIC is a thriving, diverse community and is open all year round (not just St. Patrick’s Day Weekend)!

Thank you for supporting the BIC – 365!